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Our current profile and its UX has many areas of friction for clinicians. This is supported by numerous inbound messages regarding difficulties in completing specific sections. Additionally, there were plenty of supporting analytical reports on which items on the profile were taking the longest to complete, which were references and skills checklist


To submit a clinician for a job on Trusted, they need to have a completed profile, which is comprised of the following:

  • Work experience

  • Education

  • An active license (unless they are allied)

  • Basic Life Support certification (BLS)

  • At least two completed references

  • One completed skills checklist that matches their specialty

  • Answer background questions

  • Personal information

    • Permanent address

    • Date of birth

    • SSN

Ideal Outcomes

By revamping the experience, we hope to increase the number of completed profiles and speed from application to submission and job placements. We'll know we've solved the issue when these metrics show significant improvement, and we receive positive feedback from users about the ease of profile creation and navigation. Other indicators of success would be a decrease in the time taken to complete a profile.


I looked at direct and indirect competitors and arrived at two design patterns and layouts I think we could adopt. Before doing that, I requested data on how long a clinician took to complete each profile section. Additionally, I reviewed many Fullstory sessions and identified several areas of opportunity.

Proposed Changes

From my research, I proposed the following changes.

Profile Phase 1

  • Redesign the current profile page to integrate our application flow questions.

  • Implement a progress tracker that visually illustrates profile completion progress.

  • Introduce ETAs for each section to set expectations.

  • Rearrange the layout of the left side menu to prioritize the "About Me" section for immediate visibility.

Profile Phase 2

  • Reconstruct the profile tracker to provide shortcuts to side panel forms that require only one item for completion, prioritizing them by the shortest estimated completion time.

  • Revise the Personal Info card to include a field for the user's permanent address.

  • Update the Work Experience card to incorporate a field for years of experience while eliminating the previous separate card dedicated to this,

  • Refresh the copy text on each card to ensure it is user-friendly and prompts the necessary action from the user.

  • Revamp the color scheme and icons for incomplete states, making them more visually appealing and intuitive.


I was given two weeks to explore designs, iterate, get alignment with primary stakeholders, iterate, and test again before handing off to engineering. We slotted about two weeks of development time, including QAing and squashing bugs, before launching to 30% of our users.

Given such a short timeline, I felt it was best to leverage some of our work on our application flow—mainly the card components. I pushed for keeping how we enter data the same to de-risk complications at launch. Although we could use some components from a previous project I worked on, I had to start slowly introducing elements of a third brand refresh.

For testing, I leaned on our pool of internal and external nurses to gather feedback and identify areas of improvement. To complicate matters further, we didn’t have a dedicated product manager on our pod. We distributed PM duties among my engineering manager, a newly appointed associate PM, and myself. As I was the most tenured and familiar with the Job Seeker experience, I had to be in more meetings to 1) get alignment with key stakeholders like our CX team and 2) answer any questions from any teammate that needed context.

But this project was even more challenging because our head of design had left weeks prior, and I was asked to step up and be lead until we could get a headcount for a backfill.

Final Designs

Below are the final designs for the profile page, progress widget, and individual card components for each profile item.


The success of this project was measured by the percentage of clinicians in the new experience completing their profile. Additionally, we tracked how fast items were being completed and to our surprise the two items that take the longest to complete improved drastically.


References completion


Skills checklist completion


Profile completion

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© 2023 George Bagaoisan

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