Resume Parser


Lead Product Designer


Lindsay - PD
Melvin - EM


1.5 months


A completed profile is essential for clinicians to apply for a job, be submitted to it, and ultimately secure a contract. Although we made huge improvements with our Profile 2.0 project, we felt we could double down on speeding up the processing by increasing their ability to fill out sections of their profile. Since launching the resume parser, profile completion has steadily improved by 3x.


After launching profile improvements 2.0, I started analyzing Amplitude charts and watching Full Story sessions to identify areas of opportunity. When it was time to plan for our next big epic, I brought up the following:

  • Adding working experience can be frustrating

  • It seems we can prefill sections of the profile with a resume

We had wanted to do a resume parser before; however, the technology available might have led to a subpar experience then, so we punted on it.

Before diving into designing a flow with a parser in mind, I wanted to review the resumes we had on hand and identify the likelihood we could do most of the work for a clinician. I recruited my PM counterpart and another designer on the team to manually parse resumes.

More coming soon…

I'll be adding more details soon.

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© 2023 George Bagaoisan

© 2023 George Bagaoisan